Novels I Recommend


Novels I Recommend

These are novels that I have enjoyed reading, and can thoroughly recommend to other readers.


Some are Love Stories, others are Crime Thrillers or Mysteries, I'm also interested in Adventure, Science Fiction and Fantasy.


So, in no particular order, the following are books that have captured my attention over the years.

I love Colette's writing. She has a way of making her characters live, with all the strengths and weaknesses of real people.

Claudine at School was her first book, and partly autobiological.


The others follow the fortunes of this entrancing young lady: Claudine in Paris, Claudine Married and Claudine and Annie.


Antonia White's translation is exquisite.


Gavin Lyall was a British writer of adventure novels


His first novel, published in 1961 was an immediate success and other soon followed. I highly recommend all his books, especially his Euro-thrillers and the 'Harry Maxim' series..