Scenes from a Life

Something to Remember Me By

Volume 1 of

'Scenes from a Life'

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Something to Remember Me By

Volume 1 of

Scenes From a Life

Something to Remember Me By is a very personal look at my life, written at the urgings of my wife, principally for the knowledge and enjoyment of my children and grandchildren.

It is not meant to be fantastic literature, but, in effect, to give an idea of a time that is passing rapidly into history. I have divided it into three volumes with the overall title 'Scenes From a Life'

I am making it available for public reading, mainly because most of the early chapters describe a time that no longer exists, and, perhaps, never existed except in my imagination, and I feel people might be interested in my descriptions of a past that was.

I have, as of February 27th 2020, finished the first book 'Something to Remember Me By' and it is now available on Amazon (Paperback $11.99 / Kindle $4.49 / Free on Kindle Unlimited).

I hope you like it.

Mark Patrick