Edit-One is the name of an editing/proofreading service I have started.


It will be, at present, strictly for fiction, although most of my experience in this field comes from non-fiction (scholastic texts for biological, engineering, and chemistry papers at University level). Add to that my own books, and fiction books of friends. Samples of my own books, both edited and unedited, can be found on this werbsite.


At present, a full editing service is not available, but authors might be interested in my 'OverView Service'



Terms and Conditions of Service


Edit-One provides services for authors of fiction.


All books submitted to my services must be written in ENGLISH, with reasonably correct grammar, using a suitable verbal tense. Note that I do not believe the Historic Present is a suitable tense and all books submitted in it will be ignored, and any funds sent given, after expenses, to charity.


I am a writer – you can read some of my work on this website.


Books accepted: Most fiction in the following categories:(I prefer Narrative fiction)


Crime / Detective / Espionage

Fantasy* (Please note 'Horror' section below)



Science Fiction


Time Travel


General Fiction.

All the above can include a love / sex scene or two, but love / sex cannot be the principal storyline of the book.


Books not accepted: Any novel in the following categories:


Horror (including books containing: vampires, werewolves, demons, zombies etc.)

Any book preaching hatred or disapproval toward another group of people.

Any book with a covert, or overt, religious, political, nationalistic or racial message.

Romance* (Bodice Rippers)

*A well-written romance might be acceptable, coming under ‘General Fiction’ above.


Overview Service (At present, this is the only service available – I hope to expand to a full editing service at a later date)


This service is for books that are considered almost ready for publication.


The book should have been checked and edited by the author (more than one quick going over with a spell-check), and at least one other person, either professional, or amateur, with a good level of English.


The book should be a narrative; I have a particular dislike for books in ‘Game of Thrones’ format, with new chapters bringing in new people and situations, returning after seven chapters to the first, and you suddenly find you don’t remember who the hell the characters you are reading about are.


Services Included:

Reading the book and making a constructive critical report on it.

Correcting minor errors: typos, spelling and grammatical.

Commenting on major errors found, if any. (If major errors are found, it might be possible for me to help with the full correction process, depending on time available.)

Writing a review of the book.



The price is based on the estimated time to read the book, possible correction time, and time taken to compile and write the Report and Review.

All prices in US $.


Manuscript size – word count Normal Rush

Up to 50,000 words: $125 $325

50,001 – 70,000 words: $175 $440

70,001 – 100,000 words: $235 $545

100,001 – 150,000 words: $305 $695

150,001 – 200,000 words: $395 $915

200,001 – 250,000 words: $510 $1,220

More than 250,000 words – please contact me.


Rush Service: There is a rush service available which entails me dropping everything to work on the submitted book. This service is only available after consultation via e-mail, or Direct Message on Twitter.


Payment details: Paypal: edit-one@markpatrick.net


Please give your name, and the title of the book with your payment.

Payment to be made in advance.


Document details: Manuscripts should be sent in .doc file format to edit-one@markpatrick.net

Please remember to put your name and e-mail address on the title page of the manuscript.


Time taken for editing: I estimate that a novel of between 80-120,000 words will take me approximately a week to read, write a report on, correct minor faults and review. However, please bear in mind that I am working alone, and have my own writing to do.

It will mostly be a ‘first accepted – first done’ arrangement, so please contact me via e-mail or Direct Message on Twitter before sending manuscrip and funds. I will be able to give you a rough timetable for your novel. Note that ‘Rush Service’ jobs will take priority.


Important: Note that if you send me funds, and a manuscript, without contacting me first, your book will be placed at the end of the queue, and no completion date will be specified or implied.


Very Important: If a book is sent that is in a ‘not accepted’ category above, ie. Horror or Erotica, etc. Then the manuscript will be returned unedited, and any funds sent will be given, after expenses, to a charity.

This will also apply if the novel pushes one particular religion, political point of view, or racial bias etc.

I am not talking about one character, or group of characters being racist, religious or of one political inclination or other for the purposes of the plot, I’m talking about a deliberate attempt to sway reader’s minds by wrapping up ideology within fiction.


If the mistake is genuine, for example the author considers his/her book ‘General Fiction’, but I think it verges on ‘erotica’, then, at my discretion, I might, or might not, work on it. In this case a percentage of funds might be returned to the author if the book is not worked on.


The sending of funds and a manuscript implies acceptance of all the Terms and Conditions set out above.